Florence architecture: a different perception


During a quick visit to my cousin in Florence, after having already seen the city and the important historical sites of it, we went to visit the church of San Giovanni Battista, designed by architect Giovanni Michelucci.

Also called “chiesa dell’Autostrada del Sole” (“highway church”), it reminds us of a tent, where you can stop by, during long trips. The site is located in the middle way between Rome and Florence, to commemorate the worker deceased during the highway construction.

I was impressed by the design of this church, since it’s a very sophisticated and contemporary construction from 1960. It has a deep connection with nature and a particular organic shape, as well as a lot of interesting little details. Every single concrete element has visible “veins” marked by the wood  used during concrete laying, and each view has a meaningful element to show. Lighting effects are also very suggesting.

I could really feel the sacred atmosphere of the place, and the deep meaning of every detail.

florence 02 IMG_7686

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