Ale & Guille: Beach Wedding in Coronado, Panama

Last year, this wonderful couple of friends got married on a beautiful summer afternoon, in the famous Panamanian beach town of Coronado, and held a beach party afterwards. The celebration started at sunset, filled with colourful wishes lanterns, beach themed details as decorations, and followed by indefatigable dancing led by the energetic, loving newlyweds. Below some highlights of this memorable summer evening 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ale & Guille: Beach Wedding in Coronado, Panama

  1. Hello, beautiful pictures! I am getting married in Coronado, Panama January 19, 2019 and my resort does not have any vendors. I was wondering if I may ask for your recommendations for services you used in this wedding. All the Panama vendors I have located have been in the city so they require travel and accommodation. Did you have local vendors? It is very hard for me to do this wedding planning from afar. Anything can help!

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