A foggy day in Vicenza



There are some days during fall, where it’s not raining and neither it’s sunny. It’s just cloudy. Kind of boring. Then one of those days, you wake up knowing you have an academic trip and for some reason, you just wish there was something else going on with the weather during the visits to historic places, so you wish there was fog all day, to give some mysterious atmosphere to the photographs.

For some reason, I got that fog during that day, through the whole region I visited. I’ve had been wishing for a foggy day for a long time, only to take photographs. I guess I’m a romantic.

The trip in Veneto was for sure very interesting, but mostly focused on Palladio’s architecture and the city of Vicenza.  During the visit to the city, I strongly felt like if I was walking into a theatrical set. Everything was willful, perfectly illuminated and the streets were kind of empty, due to the weather, I think; it was only us, the students, following the professor with his explanations, and maybe there were other people but we didn’t notice: we were concentrated on the speech and the beauty of the places we were seeing.


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