In 2009 Elena Nathani completed her architecture studies at the Mendrisio Architecture Academy, with mentorship by international renowned architects like Mario Botta, Jonathan Sergison (Sergison + Bates), Peter Zumthor, Franz Oswald, Jonathan Woolf, Quintus Miller (Miller & Maranta), Peter Wilson (Bolles & Wilson), Josep Bonell (Bonell & Gil), Joseph Acebillo and Elias Zenghelis (OMA).

During her first academic years, she completed architecture internships at Mallol Arquitectos (Panama) and Groupement d’Architectes (Geneva).

After graduating, she worked in Switzerland and later in Panama, gaining experience in architecture design, photography, layout design, editorial design and sales.
Some studios where she was trained include Tarmac Publishing (Mendrisio), Studio Martinelli e Rossi (Mendrisio), Hache Uve Arquitectos (Panama) and Studio Light Pro (Panama), a photography business she opened in partnership with Fotex, representing the swiss high end photography lighting brand Broncolor in Panama, among others.

Her photos were published in many Panamanian architecture magazines, architecture competitions and websites, as well as in the italian magazine Løcked, as part of a smartphone photography project led by renowned italian photographer and mentor Fredi Marcarini.

She currently works independently since 2014 and contributes with the Theatre Guild of Ancon as a volunteering photographer and designer since 2011.