New “mushrooms” coming up in Punta Pacifica, Panama


These are just a few new “mushrooms” (as I like to call the new buildings that appear very fast in the city) from many others that would come along later, developed in Panama City…

A view from my former balcony, all these buildings (except for the ones at the left side) were under construction at the time of this shot. Now the buildings are doubled, and there’s almost no land left to let them breathe… same problem like the Cinta Costera sea front.

When is the limit coming?  What should happen to see the results of this brutalities?

Another demonstration of how people develop construction, only looking through money glasses.

Lights in motion


I love to have Piccadilly Circus as a meeting point, when I am in London.

I just seat on the steps, watch all the movement of the circus: so many different people from so many different cultures walking around, groups of friends meeting there, hanging out. Waiting to meet other people and go somewhere else. And the light around it. Buses never stop passing by, people walking through it at any hour.

London is a city full of inputs; I’d need to take a break after some days, if I stayed longer than 4-5 days…!

A reflection of good luck



During my internship in the firm Mallol y Mallol Arquitectos in 2005, I was walking by this building one afternoon, when I got to capture this rare moment of sunset reflection…

I didn’t take it too seriously. It was also taken with a little compact digital camera. But I remember then, when my design chief J.C.S. saw it, that he just fell in love with it.

I got the opportunity afterward, to publish it on the firm’s monograph book, as well as in other little magazine’s publications, together with other photos I took of the same architecture firm’s works, which were also exhibited at the Architecture Congress of 2005.

Funny how a “casual”, vanishing moment of reflection, can sometimes transcend into good, longer lasting work…!


A classy escape into the mountains of Panama


This is one of my favorite hidden treasures of Panama. Not only because of the fresh weather, the surrounding mountains or the quiet environment, but also because of the architecture of this simple, elegant hotel that takes you to another dimension.

I would’ve stayed overnight, but I was already staying somewhere else. Yet I did have a delicious dinner and also a nice relaxing afternoon tea, with one of the best cheesecakes I had in my life and a good book to read.

I definitively recommend this place to anyone looking for a relaxing place to stay in Boquete.

Panama Canal: an exclusive view from Ancon Hill


Very few Panamanians know there’s actually an access to the Ancon Hill.

It is over-protected, since it is one of their most important patriotic icons: it used to hold the American flag during the US occupation (almost the whole 20th century) and after thePanama Canal Treaty of 1977, Panama took control again over the Canal and its lands, and so the panamanian flag was held on the Ancon Hill for good. It’s a symbol of freedom and a memorial to the martyrs that were killed while they were trying to pull down the American flag, during a massive protest against the US occupation.

Still, most of Panamanians have never been up to the hill, to see the views that it offers. Not only you can see a large part of the Panama Canal, but also the Old Town (Casco Antiguo), the new urbanizations, the surrounding hills and of course, the ocean.

This particular photograph was taken during one of my many visits to the Ancon Hill, and the weather conditions has let me take a nice particular black and white one.