Panama Canal: an exclusive view from Ancon Hill


Very few Panamanians know there’s actually an access to the Ancon Hill.

It is over-protected, since it is one of their most important patriotic icons: it used to hold the American flag during the US occupation (almost the whole 20th century) and after thePanama Canal Treaty of 1977, Panama took control again over the Canal and its lands, and so the panamanian flag was held on the Ancon Hill for good. It’s a symbol of freedom and a memorial to the martyrs that were killed while they were trying to pull down the American flag, during a massive protest against the US occupation.

Still, most of Panamanians have never been up to the hill, to see the views that it offers. Not only you can see a large part of the Panama Canal, but also the Old Town (Casco Antiguo), the new urbanizations, the surrounding hills and of course, the ocean.

This particular photograph was taken during one of my many visits to the Ancon Hill, and the weather conditions has let me take a nice particular black and white one.

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