alma de ballerina project // work in progress

I am currently working on a longer term photography project, Alma de Ballerina (Ballerina’s Soul)together with my friend Ingrid Moore, a photography passionate who used to run a photography gallery in Casco Viejo, Panama (EsquinaPhotò).

The project focuses on Ballet, a dream she had in her heart for a while, which she decided to develop with me as her photographer, while she will model for me as the Bellerina and provide the necessary props.
She will also make a statement through this process: a 28-year old girl can learn to dance ballet from scratch, and this is going to adjust her body poses and physical constitution to create a real presence, which gives a whole different approach to a photography project, since she will be posing in many of these photos assuring they will have the complete look, not just by using the right props, wardrobe, hairstyle or make-up, but by posing as a real ballerina.

We are working as a team: we started focusing on props first and soft posing, and while Ingrid keeps training to model her muscle mass and then reach the point where she can stand on her tiptoes, we’ll go further in performances until we get a complete variety of beauty and situations around Ballet.

The goal is to have enough variety in settings, elements, poses and situations, where at the end we will be able not only to see her own process, but also to see a complete circle of activities, dreams and beauty around a passionate ballerina.

Here’s a little sneak peek to the first two photo shoots we are working on.






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