Photography at the Theatre Guild of Ancon, Panama

Photography at the Theatre Guild of Ancon, Panama


Documenting theatre plays at the Guild of Ancon, in Panama City, Panama, is where it all started for me somehow, as many fellow theatre friends have let me document their moments on stage, backstage and around every other aspect of such productions, in so many occasions since 2011.

Later on, these community friends have let me document their families, friends, events, and more, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this, because sharing these moments with them in the way I see them through my lenses, through my eyes, feeds my soul and keeps me going!

ALL IN THE TIMING is the current play at the Theatre Guild and you can’t miss it because it’s too much fun and so well made, as usual, thanks to everybody’s passions and dedication to it. Last show nights are this thursday, friday and saturday (closing night) at 8pm. Donation $15. Make your reservations at

Here’s the gallery of last weekend’s performances:


One thought on “Photography at the Theatre Guild of Ancon, Panama

  1. Reblogged this on Clockwork Nomad and commented:
    My friend, Elena is a wonderful photographer and documents the plays at Theater Guild of Ancon in Panama (English language live theater). Her blog is awesome. Her photos are awesome. TGA is awesome. Go see a show. Doooooo iiiiiiiiit 😉

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