Cinta Costera 3: The progress for our country?


Just a few posts later, today I’m showing the same view with a huge difference: the new “Cinta Costera 3” highway, the extension coming from the Panama’s bay Cinta Costera 1 and 2, is under construction along Casco Viejo’s perimeter, a couple of hundreds meters away from the beaches.

A big controversy, born after the residents and many Historical Heritage defensors / lovers realized that this could cost us the exclusion of this precious little site, Casco Viejo, from the Unesco World Heritage list.

These kids always used to bath in the beaches around Casco. Even if it wasn’t advisable for sanity conditions, and now the situation is worse because the watercourse has been blocked much more with the construction.

This photo was taken yesterday, while a Presidential Guard (SPI) was telling them to get out of the water and threating them while saying he would take their clothes to the Presidency if they didn’t.

They don’t really see what they are loosing with this “progress investment” and most of the people of Panama still see the project merely as progress.

I won’t go into details of the whole story, but this image reminds me and shows that is really sad how so many natural and historical sites in Panama are being destroyed and not respected they way they should, in order to preserve what’s really valuable for our children and our environment, just to make some more business between the politicians and a few more.


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